How to Make Nipple Covers?

Nipple Covers: How to Make Them and Where to Get Them

Maybe you have found the perfect backless dress of your event. Maybe you are constantly wishing your favorite bra wasn’t quite so thin in the cup department. Or perhaps you simply prefer not to wear a bra but still want to maintain a sense of professionalism. Whatever the case may be, you have found yourself in search of nipple covers. Who knew there was such a variety? Learn about the things to remember when attempting to make nipple covers, and how to decide which nipple covers to purchase.

How To Make Nipple Covers

There are typically three criteria when it comes to a decent DIY nipple cover options; it must do the job of hiding the nipple, it should not be noticeable, and it must stay on. While these seem like goals that are easily achieved, making your own nipple covers can be extremely stressful and more difficult than you realize. So here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your own nipple-hiding solutions.

  1. Adhesives.

This part is tricky. Band-Aids have been a classic nipple cover standby, but can easily come off and lead to embarrassing and awkward situations. There have also been some who have used duct tape and been unable to remove it without painful effort and irritation. If you are dead set on making your own nipple covers, I would recommend using wig tape or flash tape as an adhesive. For those of you concerned about even the possibility of an errant nipple appearance, Spirit Gum will do the trick. Just make sure that you have the Spirit Gum remover unless you want to have the same problems duct tape will give you.

  1. The actual cover.

What you use here depends entirely on what you have available. Just make sure that it is comfortable. Cotton rounds often used for makeup are a soft cover up in desperate times. But they can also be a bit bulky. Whatever you choose, remember to use your adhesive sparingly and only around the edges of your desired cover.

  1. What you are wearing.

Your outfit will help you determine whether your desired nipple cover will do the trick. Be sure and do a dress rehearsal with your nipple covers before heading out. This is true with all nipple covers, but applies especially to homemade nipple covers. You need to make sure that your nipples are comfortably hidden from view and that you feel confident and secure.

Learning how to make nipple covers can be more of a challenge than you might have suspected. So, for the many of us who aren’t confident enough to MacGyver a nipple cover and wear it out and about, let’s explore a few retail options that have been highly regarded. Hopefully you will be able to determine what kind of nipple cover best suits your unique needs.

1. Nippies Skin Silicone Pasties

Nippies Silicone Nipple Covers These are highly rated nipple covers that are made of a thin silicone and are reusable. They have been used by a number of female celebrities and are widely praised for their natural, comfortable design. However, there have been a few consumer complaints regarding how well they stick, despite the overwhelming praise and high ratings. Some complained that the nipple covers began to peel off, others said that the adhesive was irritating. Regardless of the occasional complaint, Nippies have an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from customers.



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2. Silicone Nipple Covers by Miss Maisie

Nipple Covers by Miss Maisie This eco-friendly option for concealing your nipples is made of quality silicone and is washable and reusable. While other covers require tape or other adhesive methods, these covers have their adhesive properties built right into them. After washing and air drying, the adhesive properties return to normal and is good for up to 50 uses. While consumers have been pleasantly surprised by how well the nipple covers stay in place, there have been some who have complained that they are too bulky and noticeable. When the point of nipple covers is to hide your nipples, you don’t exactly want to announce that you are hiding them. Regardless of the few unsatisfied customers, there are many who have found total satisfaction with Miss Maisie’s nipple covers.



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3. Petal Tops Nipple Covers

Petal Tops Nipple Covers These are disposable nipple cover option that is great for those days where you don’t want to deal with a bra but still want to remain decent. They are also great for those outfits that aren’t conducive to bra wearing, but that you only wear for special occasions. They come with 10 pairs and are waterproof for durable, day-long wear without worry. Some customers have commented that the Petal Tops are visible through light colored clothing and that they only come in 2-1/2 inch diameters. However, for those who have temporary nipple cover needs, these are a reliable option.



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Being comfortable means going without a bra. However, things can get uncomfortable if one of your nipples makes an unwelcome appearance. Whether it is choosing between different kinds of nipple covers or trying to fashion your own, make sure you keep your comfort at the top of the priority list where it belongs and choose something that is right for your body and will make you feel confident.

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