Frequently Asked Questions About Nipple Covers

Nipple covers are becoming more popular for women who desire to go in public without wearing a bra. These covers also provide a solution for wearing backless and strapless dresses or gowns. Some women have prominent nipples and want a cover product so they do not have to wear a padded bra. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about purchasing and using nipple covers.

Q) What types of nipple covers are available?

A) Nipple covers come in several different styles and shapes. Round and petal skin tone shapes are available with or without adhesive. These are generally made with silicone based materials. Nipple pasties are another type that are used by exotic dancers that can be simple to very ornate in design, they can be adorned with tassels.

Q) Can I reuse my nipple covers?

A) Most commercial types can be reused.

Q) Can the covers be cleaned?

A) After wearing them, place them in warm water with a mild soap. Gently rub any adhesive area to remove build-up. Leave them in the water only a minute or two. Remove from water and allow them to dry.

Q) Why do they make them without adhesive?

A) Some nipple covers are designed to wear inside a bra that is sheer or a sports type bra. Adhesive is not needed. It is recommenced that women with larger breasts or large nipples use the non-adhesive type.

Q) What do I look for in a well-made cover?

A) You want them to be comfortable especially for long periods of time. The covers need to perform properly and hide the nipple. If you purchased an adhesive type of cover, the adhesive should last through many wearing. Make sure that the materials that the covers are made of are designed to withstand multiple use. Also, they need to be reasonably priced.

Q) Do they only come in one color?

A) Some brands offer different color skin tones. Others only offer a nude tone.

Q) How does the adhesive wear with sensitive skin?

A) You may want to do a small area test on under side of your arm near your elbow to see if have a reaction. Do not use on an area of skin that is sunburned, broken, has a rash or is damaged in any way.

Q) Will moisturizers affect the adhesives?

A) Yes, do not use moisturizers, body oils, powders, or any other lotions in the area that the adhesive will come in contact with the skin.

Q) Can these covers be used when playing sports?

A) Sweating may loosen the adhesive. Use a rubbing alcohol to clean the area before adhering the cover. Otherwise, it might be best to use the non-adhesive type of cover.

Q) What is best way to remove adhesive reside left on the breast?

A) Taking a hot shower can help removing the cover and any remaining adhesive. Another solution is soaking a cotton ball with baby oil and gently rubbing the area. Acetone, as found in nail polish remover, may work but is hard on the skin.

Q) Is there a quick fix nipple cover?

A) The home remedy is two crossed band-aids over the nipple. The adhesive is skin friendly. This is a one-time solution and may only work for a short while. Make sure the area is clean and dry before trying this.

Nipple covers come in various designs, shapes, and price ranges. It makes take trying several different brands before you find the right fit for you.

Specific Nipple Covers Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs:

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