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Nipple covers, also called breast petals or nipple pasties, are a type of adhesive undergarment that is designed for use with fashions that cannot be worn with a bra, or for cases when a woman opts to go braless, but still wants to have modest coverage in the cleavage area. The adhesive nipple cover, or “petal”, covers both the nipple and areola, which allows for breast coverage without the bother of figuring out a way to cover bra straps, hooks, or other parts of traditional brassieres.

Nipple covers aren’t really a new idea, they were originally invented in the 1930’s to preserve modesty and prevent total nudity. Advances in modern manufacturing and materials have made this style of undergarment evolve a lot over the years into a versatile, discreet item that every woman should have in her underwear drawer.

Nipple covers accommodate a woman’s sense of modesty while wearing more revealing items, such as formal dresses, revealing tops, or swimwear and athletic garments which would not otherwise provide enough coverage on the back, shoulders, or sides to accommodate the use of a traditional bra.

Top Nipple Covers

The Top Three Silicone Nipple Covers, Compared:

Name/Image Learn MoreWorth It?Rating
Nippies Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers

Nippies Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers

View Pricefull review Definitely. Highly recommended - the best nipple covers we've tested.5 Star Average Rating
Komene Reusable Adhesive Pasties

Komene Reusable Adhesive Pasties

View Pricefull review Good, but not quite as comfortable or sticky as Nippies. 50% worth it.4 Star Average Rating
Pinky Petals Adhesive Nipple Pasties

Pinky Petals Adhesive Nipple Pasties

View Pricefull review Not worth it. Cheap price, but uncomfortable and they only last for 5-10 uses.2.5 Star Average Rating

Nippies Skin Reusable Thin Silicone Nipple Cover Pasties by Bristols Six (Recommended)

01-nippies-product-image The Nippies nipple covers are made from the company’s proprietary lightweight, ultra-thin Invisifeel (TM) silicone. Nippies Skin are designed, produced and tested by a woman-owned and operated business.

These petals also feature a matte finish guaranteed not to reflect light through clothing, and these petals come in two sizes to ensure the right amount of coverage: Size One for Cup Size A-D is 3.25″, and Size 2 is for Cup Size DD and larger 4.25″, which means that this type of breast petal is also great for nursing mothers.

Nippies can be purchased in three skin tone colors (Light, Medium, Dark), and are available with either hypoallergenic adhesive or a non-adhesive finish. This brand comes 1 pair to a pack with a bonus travel-size faux-crocodile compact. They are both washable and reusable nipple covers.

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Komene Pasties Reusable Adhesive Silicone Nipple Covers Round

02-komene-product-image The Komene nipple covers are made from 100% hypoallergenic high-tech medical-grade silica gel, which imparts the product with a soft texture, unparalleled conforming qualities, and a safe, secure fit without any unpleasant side effects or skin irritations. These breast petals are thin, lightweight, and natural-looking, with a hold that will make you forget you’re even wearing them.

Each nipple cover is 3.25 inches in diameter, making them not only perfectly sized for your clothing modesty, but that they can also double as a breast cover for nursing mothers. Many breast petal users report that silicone covers are often thick, which creates telltale ridges and ‘puffy’ looking nipples.

By blending seamlessly into your skin, Komene’s new advanced ultra-thin silicone with tapered edges is virtually undetectable when applied correctly, so you can feel confident of both your coverage and discretion. The matte finish of the petals additionally ensures that in photographs, the petals will not reflect light and “give away” your undergarment secrets!

Komene Pasties come 1 pair to a pack, with a bonus travel-size faux-crocodile box included with purchase. The medical-grade adhesive is self-regenerating, and most user report around 20-30 uses per pair. Komene Pasties also come in a choice of 2 semi-transparent skin tones (brown or pink), ensuring that your skin tone will have a comparable match.

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Pasties Women’s Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers Set by Pinky Petals

Pinky Petals are made from 100% eco-friendly hypoallergenic silicone, so they are suitable for use by even users with the most sensitive skin. The self-adhesive used on the underside of the petals is 100% hypoallergenic medical-grade, so a secure fit without any skin irritation is guaranteed during daily use.

The self-adhesive material is guaranteed for up to 60 uses with proper care and maintenance, meaning that you’ll get a lot of mileage for the price with this brand. This brand is not only self-adhesive but sweat proof and waterproof, so they’re perfect for use at the gym or in the pool, as well as for use with revealing styles or evening garments.

To reuse, simply wash adhesive side with a mild cleaner and allow to air-dry, as the adhesive dries, it self-regenerates for the next use. An added bonus of Pinky Petals is that the owning company is a woman-owned business, who performs extensive in-house testing on all their products.

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