FAQ – Nipple Covers – Nippies

Product: Nippies Skin Reusable Thin Silicone Nipple Cover Pasties Adhesive Light

QUESTION: What are the size and wearing options for this product?

ANSWER: These covers come in two sizes. The first is available for cup sizes A-D. The second size is appropriate for nursing mothers, and those with a DD or larger cup size.

QUESTION: I have allergy issues. Can I still use this product?

ANSWER: The manufacturer offer a hypoallergenic adhesive-backed version of this product. For those with adhesive specific allergy problems, adhesive-free covers are also offered.

QUESTION: Can this product be washed and reused? How much wear use can I get from these covers?

ANSWER: This product can be laundered by hand-washing with cool water and mild detergent. The life of these nipple covers depends on how frequently they are worn and laundered. Some product users report at least partial product disintegration after just a few wearings if these covers are laundered after each use. Other users have gotten as much as fifty wears from a single pair.

QUESTION: Will the color and outline of these covers show through sheer clothing?

ANSWER: Nippie covers are made with patented ultra-thin Invisifeel(TM) silicone that molds to breasts without visible lines or “ridges”. The cover has a matte finish that prevents light from reflecting on it through sheer material. Wearers have three color options (light, medium, dark) with this cover that cause covers to blend in with the wearer’s skin tone. Depending on exterior clothing worn, the cover outline is sometimes visible, but no more so than that of an ordinary bra.

QUESTION: What is included per single package of this product?

ANSWER: Each package comes with one (1) pair of Nippies Skin Reusable Thin Silicone Nipple Cover Pasties plus a faux crocodile skin case for storage and transportation.

QUESTION: How long can this product be worn without discomfort?

ANSWER: The product can be worn for extended periods without discomfort. Wearers generally forget that these covers are in place once applied.

QUESTION: Can this product be worn in lieu of a bra?

ANSWER: This is not recommended by the manufacturer, although many wearers do this and report good results. However, this product is intended to conceal, not offer support.

QUESTION: How can these covers be kept clean without frequent launderings?

ANSWER: The covers should be returned to the plastic film wrap they arrived in after wearing to prevent the need for frequent launderings.

QUESTION: Will your breasts perspire when wearing these covers? If so, is there much cover slippage?

ANSWER: Wearers will experience some breast perspiration while wearing these covers. This will have no effect on cover placement.

QUESTION: Can “pasties” be worn with these covers for additional coverage?

ANSWER: They can, but users might experience heavier than usual perspiration while doing so.

QUESTION: Will wearing these covers cause acne to break out on the wearer’s breasts?

ANSWER: This issue hasn’t been reported by users, but those with such a concern can help to avoid such issues with more frequent cover launderings.

QUESTION: Can I swim in these covers?

ANSWER: For swimming or other types of strenuous exercise, fashion Nippies are recommended. They generally can be purchased from the same retailer that thin silicone Nippies can.

QUESTION: How can I extend the life of the cover adhesive?

ANSWER: Rinsing the adhesive with cool water only after use helps to retain adhesive stickiness. Removing all hair, fiber, and lint that may have adhered to it also helps, as does replacing the covers in their packaging or carrying case after each wear.

QUESTION: How can I help these covers retain their shape?

ANSWER: With normal wear and washing, users should not see loss of cover shape over the course of covers’ normal life. But for added protection, store these covers in the original plastic film and box that it arrives in.

QUESTION: Can these covers be used after a breast augmentation or mastectomy?

ANSWER: Yes, most wearers can wear these covers with no complaint following breast surgery.

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