FAQ – Komene Nipple Covers

Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions about Komene Pasties:

Question: Do they lay flat and smooth, or do they appear to be bumpy?

Answer: The Komene Pasties are completely smooth-appearing and do not show any ridges or bumps under even the thinnest fabrics. While they certainly cover your nipples thoroughly, they will not reflect light through fabric and they seamlessly blend to the skin. They provide full cover, but do so in a perfectly inconspicuous manner.

Because the Komene Pasties blend evenly, there are no variations, no matter how slight, to give the hint that the wearer is using nipple pasties. They are lightweight and feel like they are part of your skin, so there are no awkward circles beneath your shirt, or outlines that show through fine fabrics, such as those used in t-shirts. They are designed to be undetectable.

As a matter of fact, when compared to fabric pasties, Komene Pasties’ silicone texture is much less noticeable under solid-colored clothes as a bra alternative or if you need coverage while wearing an open back or low-cut dress. They are nearly invisible when they are used under patterned clothing.

Question: Will the product fall off if you sweat?

Answer: No, Komene Pasties will not fall off due to sweating or being in the heat for long periods of time. The silicone texture and the adhesive are completely waterproof and formed to withstand extreme temperatures. Many woman have reported using Komene Pasties during the summer months and they were surprised that the pasties held up while swimming, dancing, and even at the gym. So, whether you love playing sports, biking, yoga, or just enjoying an afternoon on the beach, Komene Pasties will stay in place until you remove them.

Question: How many items come in one box?

Answer: Each box comes with one washable and reusable set of Komene Pasties, but don’t worry. The Komene Pasties work so well that you can get 60 full uses out of them, so you don’t need an alternate pair. Once they wear out, you simply purchase more.

In addition to the pair of Komene Pasties, you will also receive a faux-crocodile, travel-sized storage compact for bringing your pasties on the road with you.

Question: What do “non-adhesive features” entail? Do they adhere to skin properly?

Answer: The term “non-adhesive features” simply means that while the Komene Pasties stick well when used, they are just as easily removed at the end of the day. They stick properly to the skin and lay very flat on the skin, without edges peeling up, even under substantial pressure.

The adhesive is so strong that there is no need for pasties tape. Even without tape, the Komene Pasties will not budge, even in the most trying of conditions.

Question: What are the items’ dimensions?

Answer: The Komene Pasties have a circumference of eight millimeters. While in the package they may appear to be only slightly larger than the average areola, but they are much wider-looking once applied. While they are not usually considered a one-size-fits-all item, the Komene Pasties are manufactured to be large enough to account for the differences in the areola and nipple sizes among women.

Question: Are they simple to care for?

Answer: Each package comes with a product instruction card that details how to use and care for your Komene Pasties. It highly recommends that you hand wash them only. You can try a mild detergent, hand or body soap, or you can simply rinse them off with hot water. Then, let the Komene Pasties air dry before wearing them again. It is important that the product is completely dry so the adhesive will work properly.

To store the Komene Pasties when they are not in use, it is best to use the travel-sized compact that they are shipped with. This compact is specially designed to keep the pasties protected and clean before each use.

Question: Are they completely sticky on the inside or only around the edges?

Answer: The Komene Pasties are completely sticky on the inside, but they are not heavy or burdensome. They are designed to not be irritating, either. They are so comfortable, many wearers report that they forget that they have them on.

Because they adhere to the entire nipple, they conceal it perfectly. Komene Pasties stay right where you put them and you don’t have to even think about them until it is time to remove them.

Question: Is the item durable enough to truly be reusable?

Answer: Yes, the Komene Pasties are 60 uses strong, and they are built to last. You can wear them several times over a course of months, or you can use them daily, and the long-lasting adhesive will perform just as well as it did right out of the package. The Komene Pasties’ adhesive will hold up under the pressure of being used all day, every day, and the it will not wear out.

To prolong the life of the adhesive, start storing the units with the backing covers they came with. This keeps the glue from drying out in storage and increases the lifetime of the pasties.

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