What are the Best Breast Petals?

What are Breast Petals? (Because that sounds sort of naughty.)

Breast petals are a type of adhesive undergarment designed for use with garments that cannot be worn with a bra, or for instances when a woman opts to go braless, but wishes to remain modest. The adhesive “petal” covers both the nipple and areola, allowing for coverage without the hassle of covering bra straps, hooks, or other parts of traditional brassieres which might otherwise ruin the line, hang, or silhouette of a garment. Breast petals aren’t new; they were originally invented in the 1930’s to preserve modesty and prevent total nudity. Today, the breast petal has evolved with the changing winds of fashion to become a routine item in the undergarment drawer. Breast petals accommodate a woman’s sense of modesty while wearing more revealing items, such as formal dresses, revealing tops, or swimwear which would not provide enough coverage on the back, shoulders, or sides to accommodate the use of a traditional bra.

OK, I’m With You So Far…

There are three basic types of breast petals, with variations on each style to accommodate any type of garment. But which is the best breast petal? The first type is the disposable adhesive type of breast petal, which is generally made of some sort of nylon material with an adhesive backing, though these also can come in satin, polyester, moleskin, or even finely knitted material. (Some of these type of breast petals may contain latex in the adhesive, so you if you have a latex sensitivity or allergy, make sure to check the brand to ensure that modesty doesn’t come at the cost of an allergic reaction!) This type of breast petal is generally thinner, and resembles the traditional look of “pasties”.

Disposable breast petals are ideal for areola coverage, but the thinner nature of this type of breast petal often doesn’t have as much nipple coverage as the other types of breast petals. Some disposable breast petal brands have adhesive on the entire backing, and some brands have an adhesive-free center for easy, painless removal.

Disposable breast petals are ideal to have on hand in your purse for “chilly emergencies”, for wear under lightweight tops, or for everyday use by women who opt to go braless.

More generously endowed women might need more coverage than disposable breast petals can provide, which brings us to the second type of breast petals, the sturdier, reusable nipple cover type of breast petal, which is usually made from silicone gel, and has a thicker center to ensure full nipple coverage.

These type of breast petals offer more coverage, and are ideal for situations where you wish to “de-perkify”. This type of breast petal comes in matte finish as well as traditional finish, with the matte finish version less likely to reflect light under clothing. This type of breast petal is often self-adhesive and reusable, and some types are even waterproof and well-suited for use with swimwear.

The third type of breast petal is the “chicken cutlet” type, which is made from the same type of material as the silicone gel breast petal, but with fuller coverage for the whole breast—some even have front closures for a more traditional “backless bra” look and feel. The “chicken cutlet” style breast petal is also ideal for situations where you don’t want to wear a bra, but might still want the added “oomph” that a push-up bra would impart to the cleavage.

So How Do I Put Breast Petals On?

Breast petals are best used on clean, dry skin without any lotions or perfumes. Different types of breast petals have different types of edges to prevent against puckers, wrinkling, or bumps at the adhesive edges. Before applying the breast petal, you might want to pat the area dry to ensure there is no residue or sweat which might cause the adhesive to fail.

If you’re using disposable breast petals, peel away the backing on the adhesive, or if you’re using reusable gel petals, apply the adhesive to the area. (Some petals are also self-adhesive, so if you’re using that type, just move on to the positioning step.) Center the petal over the nipple, and press lightly from the center until the petal sticks, soothing from the center outward until the petal feels secure and the edges are smooth. When it’s time to remove the breast petal, gently peel the petal away, using rubbing alcohol or baby oil to loosen if the adhesive is sticking too tightly.

So What Are the Best Breast Petals?

Consider both your bust size and the type of garment or use you’re solving for to decide which are the best breast petals for your needs. Prices vary according to style and brand, but for the most part, breast petals are less than the cost of an average brassiere (with the exception of the “chicken cutlet” style, which can be comparably priced.)

The Top Three Silicone Nipple Covers, Compared:

Name/Image Learn MoreWorth It?Rating
Nippies Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers

Nippies Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers

View Pricefull review Definitely. Highly recommended - the best nipple covers we've tested.5 Star Average Rating
Komene Reusable Adhesive Pasties

Komene Reusable Adhesive Pasties

View Pricefull review Good, but not quite as comfortable or sticky as Nippies. 50% worth it.4 Star Average Rating
Pinky Petals Adhesive Nipple Pasties

Pinky Petals Adhesive Nipple Pasties

View Pricefull review Not worth it. Cheap price, but uncomfortable and they only last for 5-10 uses.2.5 Star Average Rating

The Best Reusable Breast Petals

01-nippies-product-image Nippies Skin Reusable Thin Silicone Nipple Cover Pasties by Bristols Six are made from the company’s proprietary lightweight, ultra-thin Invisifeel (TM) silicone, and like Pinky Petals, Nippies Skin are designed, produced, and tested by a woman-owned and operated business. These petals also feature a matte finish guaranteed not to reflect light through clothing, and these petals come in two sizes to ensure the right amount of coverage: Size One for Cup Size A-D is 3.25″, and Size 2 is for Cup Size DD and larger 4.25″—also great for nursing mothers. Nippies can be purchased in three skin tone colors (Light, Medium, Dark), and are available with either hypoallergenic adhesive or a non-adhesive finish. This brand comes 1 pair to a pack with a bonus travel-size faux-crocodile compact, and are both washable and reusable.

View Prices for Nippies on Amazon.com

02-komene-product-image Komene Reusable Adhesive Nipple Pasties are constructed with hypoallergenic silicone, which makes them thin and allows them to avoid the common skin irritation. Therefore, using Komene you can rest assured that you won’t have any skin problems or itchiness that can come when wearing breast petals and pasties. Komene are therefore a wise choice for women with sensible skin.

Nudwear Daisies Silicone Nipple Covers No Show Breast Petals, made from medical grade silicone and hypoallergenic adhesive, are reusable and have one of the highest user-rated staying power in their unique adhesive. These petals are thicker in the center for more nipple coverage, with a wider diameter (3in/9cm) diameter to ensure complete coverage of the areola. These petals are also 100% waterproof and come 1 pair to a package with a protective nipple cover travel case for discreet, on-the-go style.

Senchanting’s Multi-shaped Reusable Adhesive Silicone Nipple Cover Breast Pad is the “chicken cutlet” style of breast petal, coming 1 pair to a package with removable straps and a front closure. This style is made from 100% medical grade hypo-allergenic Eco-friendly silicone and are self-adhesive. After use, simply wash with warm water and mild soap then air dry. When the petals are dry, the adhesive regenerates itself for the next use.

Pasties Women’s Reusable Silicone Nipple Covers Set by Pinky Petals are made from 100% Eco-friendly hypoallergenic silicone, so even users with the most sensitive skin can wear these petals comfortably. They’re also self-adhesive, so a secure fit is guaranteed during daily use. The self-adhesive is guaranteed for up to 60 uses, so there’s a lot of “bang for your buck” in this brand. Bonus: they’re produced by a woman-owned business, which performs extensive in-house testing.

Looking for Options of Disposable Breast Petals?

Brazabra Corp’s Petal Tops Disposable Breast Petals are made from polyester, and generally come 5 pair to a package. These breast petals are made from a knitted material which conforms to the shape of the breast, so there’s less likelihood of wrinkling or tell-tale edges around the adhesive line. These disposables are waterproof, so they’re ideal for swimmers or runners who are looking to protect against chafing. These lightweight petals are also good for use in topless tanning.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets No-Show Nipple Concealers also come 5 pair to a pack, and are petal-shaped with a soft center to ensure a smooth appearance under garments. This brand of breast petal utilizes a hypo-allergenic adhesive that won’t irritate sensitive skin. This brand is unique in that these petals come with a non-stick center, making them ideal for women with piercings.